Dr Raja Mukherjee leads our FASD clinic and is a Developmental Psychiatrist and internationally acclaimed expert in Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.DrRaja.jpg

Below are some examples of his most recent research output. For a full list of articles, papers and conference abstracts, please contact us on communications@sabp.nhs.uk . 

Educational films

Dr Raja Mukherjee has recorded a series of video blogs which provide answers to commonly Asked Questions about FASD which you can see by clicking here.

Dr Mukherjee also appears in the following films made by Mencap and NoFAS:

'No alcohol, no risk - FASD information for Midwives'

Advice for midwives and future parents about drinking during pregnancy. You can watch the video here.

'FASD Advice for GPs'

Information for GPs about drinking during pregnancy.

FASD-related articles in peer-reviewed Journals


Few People Will Change Their Drinking Habits In London; BMJ, 1996, 312:506-507 Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Mukherjee RASD, Turk J; Letter to Lancet, 2004,363,1556 Low level Alcohol consumption and the fetus: Mukherjee RAS, Turk J, Abou Sleh M, Hollins S. BMJ 2005, 330, 375-6 Psychiatric co morbidity in fetal alcohol syndrome Mukherjee RAS Psychiatric Bulletin 2006, 30, 194-195 Response to Shah and Howard “Smoking in pregnancy” Mukherjee RAS Psychiatric Bulletin 2006, 470, FAS Ethics and Law Mukherjee RAS, Eastman N, Turk J, Hollins S : Editorial Lancet 2006, 369, 1149 - 1150 Alcohol consumption during pregnancy and its effects on neurodevelopment: what is known and what remains uncertain Gray R, Mukherjee RAS, Rutter M Addiction 2009, 104 (8), 1270-1273 Alcohol and Pregnancy Jesuratnam G, Oakeshott P, Mukherjee R British Journal of General Practice 2011, 61, (592), 719

Review articles

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: an overview for healthcare practitioners: Mukherjee RAS, Turk, J Hollins S JRSM 2006, 99, 296-302 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Commissioned Article Mukherjee RAS Women’s Health 2006, 1, (2), 28-31 A psychiatrist’s guide to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in mothers who drank heavily during pregnancy Gray R, Mukherjee RAS Advances in Mental Health and ID 2007, 1(3), 19 - 26Sep Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An Overview of Interventions for Affected Individuals Amali N. Chandrasena, Raja A S Mukherjee & Jeremy Turk Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health October 2009, 14, (4), 162 - 167 FASD and behavioural presentations: Mukherjee RAS, Alcoholis 2011, 31(1), 4-6 FASD is it something we should be more aware of? Mukherjee RAS, Hollins S, Curfs L Journal Royal college of Physicians Edinburgh 2012, 42, 143 -50

Data-driven articles

Autism and Autistic features in people with FASD in people with FASD Mukherjee RAS, Yacoub E, Layton M, Turk J. Advances in mental health and Intellectual disabilites 2011, 5 (1), 42 - 49 Under-reporting of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: an analysis of Hospital Episode Statistics: M Morleo, K Woolfall, D Denham, R Mukherjee, M Bellis, P Cook, BMC Paediatrics January 2011, 11(14), 1-6 Estimation of alcohol content of wine, beer and spirits to evaluate exposure risk: pilot study using a questionnaire and pouring task in England Mukherjee RAS, Wray E, Curfs L, Hollins S, International Journal of Alcohol and Drugs 2013, 2,1-8 Mukherjee RAS, Wray E, Commers M, Hollins S, Curfs L The Impact of Raising A Child with FASD Upon Carers: Findings from a mixed methodology study in the UK Journal of Adoption and Fostering 2013, 37(1),43-56 Mukherjee RAS, Wray E, Curfs L, Hollins S Professionals Knowledge of FASD Accepted for publication Adoption and Fostering May 2014 Mukherjee RAS, Wray E, Hollins S, Curfs L Public knowledge of FASD Accepted for publication Child: care, health and Development July 2014

Book chapters

Fetal Teratogen Syndromes: Psychiatric aspects and management, David Bramble, Raja Mukherjee in Alcohol Drugs and Medicaiton in Pregnancy ed. Preece and Riley 2011 Diagnosis and complexities, Raja Mukherjee in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Ed Carpenter, Blackburn and Egerton Routledge London 2013

Others articles published not related to FASD in peer reviewed Journals


Changes to Training in Psychiatry: A trainees view Special article Psychiatric Bulletin 2005, 29 (2) 43-46

Data-driven articles

The Stigmatisation Of Psychiatric Illness: Attitudes Of Medical Students And Doctors. Psychiatric Bulletin 2002, May: 26 Evaluating Qualitative papers in a multidisciplinary evidence based journal club: A Pilot Study Psychiatric Bulletin 2006, 30, Characteristics and outcomes of referrals to a psychotherapy service for people with intellectual disabilities JARRID 2007; 20; 373 -378.